Welcome to the Municipality of Žminj

Žminj is a small town situated in the centre of the Istrian peninsula at the intersection of the seven regional links: towards Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, Pazin, Labin, and towards Čepić Polje and the Raša estuary.

The roads radiate out of the city in all directions like the filaments of a spider web to connect Žminj with its 103 villages. The roads lead through numerous fields and gardens, woods and pastures, which are best to explore on foot or by bike. The nature in Žminj is truly enchanting.

The greater area of Žminj is also interesting for its growing development of agritourism and opportunities of development of various forms of selective tourism such as cultural, religious, scientific and recreational tourism.

Žminj surroundings are known by its numerous rural properties, where you can enjoy local Istrian cuisine and traditional ambience. Old Istrian houses and rural estates have been redesigned to offer not only accommodation but also local Istrian cuisine and contact with the unspoiled nature.

Bartulja is the largest folk festival in Žminj, which in August offers local and foreign visitors a rich programme of four days of entertainment, recreation and culture.

Along roads, path, meadows … along drywalls you will see small stone huts – they are called ‘kažun’. Once they served as shelter from the rain for the peasants and as storage for their tools and harvest.

Choosing Žminj as your holiday destination was certainly the right decision. Wonderful nature, friendly people and the local cuisine of our grannies are waiting for you.